Little jewel of the Baronie, on the north eastern coastal part of Sardinia, the village of Budoni is placed near to little creeks, fashinating cliffs and long beaches formed by intangible white sand.

Thanks to its crystalline sea and a remarkable accommodation arrangements, Budoni is becoming an important touristic centre, known in all parts of Sardinia. Its lucky geographic position includes also little briny ponds, where lives the typical vegetation of reeds and tamarisks, as well as the pink flamingos settlements.

The village arrays around the Church of San Giovanni Battista, which dates back to 1969.

There is also no shortage of archeologic relic, allocated in the hills that frame the village surrounded by a rich mediterrean vegetation: the nuraghe Su Entosu, a mono tower which had the function of lookout, placed in a granite peak; the nuraghe Conca e Bentuand the Domus de Jana l’Agliola in the hamlet of Solità. This nuraghe is on a hill which overlooks Budoni, whereas the Domus de Jana is dug into a rock nearby the shore of a river.

The typical “stazzi” of San Pietro also deserve a visit, placed along a path of old houses, many of them built with local stone, others with local stones, mud and mortar, with colourful interiors, and its characteristic stone step which is placed in the front part of the house, creating a sit: an emotional trip to the typical ancient Sardinian hamlet. Among this tour, we find the little church of San Pietro del bosco, the origin of which dates back to XIV century.

Moreover, the port of Ottiolu has a great importance. Fitted with more than 400 moorings and many services is perfect for making little cruisers on the wonderful coastal bays.

The touristic facilities for the free time are many: tennis courts, soccer, diving, sailing, riding, and for the entertainment: discoteques, bars, night shows.

The copious restaurants, trattorias and agritourisms, allow to taste the specialties of the sea and the typical products of the Sardinian gastronomy.